Using Azure Databricks with Azure Data Factory

Azure Databricks was released into preview on November 2017 and GA was on March 2018. Data Factory announced its support for Azure Databricks on April 2018 and I kind of missed that. Maybe because it was at the beginning profiled more as a Machine Learning part of the Data Warehouse infrastructure.

My interest was awaken when I saw a presentation held at PASS Summit where Databricks was positioned as central part of Microsoft’s modern data warehouse architecture.

Point is to use Data Factory as a data sourcing and pipeline orchestration tool with its wide connectivity capabilities to different data sources. Data is stored first into Azure, e.g. into blob storage. Databricks is used to do required data transformations before moving data into proper database (e.g. Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL DW V2, Azure Snowflake) for reporting and analysis purposes. Note also, there is no mentioning about SSIS in this architecture.

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