Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows

Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows is graphical user interface to build data transformation logic without coding like in SSIS. It generates behind scenes Databricks code (Scala or Python, I’m not sure) and use Databricks cluster to execute jobs.

I think this is the breakthrough feature that cloud data integration has really needed. My first touch to so called ETL tools was about 15 years ago when I started to use Informatica PowerCenter. I was really sold and thought there is no going back to scripting. You can imagine my disappointment when cloud technology started to emerge, but it missed native graphical ETL capabilities. In AWS you have had PaaS ETL services like Talend or Matillion, but you still need to manage your software. AWS has also AWS Glue as a SaaS offering, but I wasn’t convinced at all about that. This ADF Mapping Data Flows is the one I have been waiting for. Real SaaS ETL in the cloud. I have to confess I’m already used to use Databricks Notebooks and coding, but graphical user interface still lowers a barrier for new users a lot.

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Azure Data Factory SSIS Integration Runtime error

I stumbled to strange error with our Azure Data Factory SSIS Integration Runtime, which I decided to share here if somebody faces the same problem. Infrastructure guys made some network changes, which lead to situation where our SSIS Integration Runtime didn’t work anymore. It gave some “MisconfiguredDnsServerOrNsgSettings” error message, which was quite natural and was corrected by returning original network settings.

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