Azure Data Factory SSIS Integration Runtime error

I stumbled to strange error with our Azure Data Factory SSIS Integration Runtime, which I decided to share here if somebody faces the same problem. Infrastructure guys made some network changes, which lead to situation where our SSIS Integration Runtime didn’t work anymore. It gave some “MisconfiguredDnsServerOrNsgSettings” error message, which was quite natural and was corrected by returning original network settings.

Which was not natural was next error message: ” Error 1: Last operation ‘Start’ get the status ‘Failed’. Error Code: AzureSqlConnectionFailure Error Message: Failed to connect to Azure SQL DB server due to sql error ‘18456’, message: Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON’. Please add your ADF MSI into an AAD group with access permissions to your catalog database server.” We couldn’t restart our
SSIS Integration Runtime. After some serious testing I found the reason was our prescheduled jobs, which were in the queue. After I cancelled those jobs, we were able to restart our SSIS Integration Runtime.